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Hand In Hand Mural: Phase Four, Results


Hand In Hand Mural: Phase Four, Results

Hand In Hand Mural: Phase Four, Results

On 8/21, Hannah interviewed me about the mural project.  It was exciting to see the project take on yet another dimension.  In addition to being appreciated and discussed by church members and the community, especially the block residents, other people who may not even live in Brooklyn will learn about the mural and its message.

This was an opportunity for me see the mural’s power and the power of art in a new way.  Hannah has been inspired to document this project.  She is attracted to its beauty, its positive message, and its spiritual connection.  She meets Lourdes Zephier and is inspired to share her story as an audio project for her class.

How many more spiritual connections will the project make?  Already I see new friends in our congregation who have come to worship with us. What else is a possible result of this project?

Now Hannah’s article has been published on-line. See below Hannah’s article in Brooklyn Ink.

Behind the Hands: The Making of a Mural