Road Trip

Road Trip

SF Ojaiballet school buddiesDiane and Sarah

“Dewdrop, having reconnected with you means more than you know. Somehow, I am more Whole”.
These words echo in my soul as I read them again. These feelings of friendship, returning after so many years, are like rediscovering my self.
This is the story of two high school friends who lost each other for 35 years through time and 3,000 miles of space. Ballet school buddies who called each other Dewdrop and Buttercup. Two friends who found each other through a newspaper ad for a garage sale. Two friends who agreed to meet in a beloved place, for an adventure. A road trip.

On the plane I was nervous.  Planning for the trip had been both an escape and a reality check from the anxiety of job hunting.
Job hunting in Brooklyn. The heat makes the city more intense and the city is already intense. Thank god for Coney Island. After a couple of hours at the beach, I get my mojo back. Preparing for the trip (and my job search) with a new look: new hair, new glasses, new make up, manicure and new clothes, has given me more confidence.
Everywhere this summer I’ve told friends about this trip, and they got excited about the idea.
One friend said “Wow, that’s really risky.” I’m not sure what she was referring to exactly. But I think it was the possibility that we might disagree on the temperature of the A/C in the hotel room or politically. Now I venture to say most of us , even knowing the difference between friendship and politics, have gotten into some disagreement over hot button issues such as gun violence and reproductive rights on social media. Still, I remain confident that two people can stay friends and agree to disagree. I determined that my goal was to listen, try to understand other viewpoints and state mine.

So I guess I wasn’t surprised to hear my friend say “I hope this doesn’t ruin our friendship, but…”
If 35 years and 3,000 miles hadn’t ruined our friendship, I did have some confidence that we could get along.

I had picked up a gift for the two of us. Feeling discouraged about my job search, I had stumbled on the words “Lean not on thine own understanding” . These turn out to be from Proverbs 3, a biblical chapter that contains a central image of the feminine divine, the tree of wisdom. I shared this over the phone with B. Then at the farmer’s market in Bellingham Washington I found a necklace with the tree on a pendant . I got two of these, so we could each have one. A gift of wisdom.

Turns out B. was thinking about a gift, too.  In addition to planning our Road Trip itinerary, she had gotten us passes to the Outside Lands Music Festival in Golden Gate Park.  OMG OMG . A music Festival Golden Gate Park! Thank you, B!!!!!!




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