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Subway Poem Five F train


Labradoodle with a prancing step

kids , mixed up blond and nappy and brown

reciting Japanese cat names

Yoshi, Miko, Satsuma

Black haired cutie gives up a seat

Bus crowd rolling park side


Open bag

warm humidity rising

yes, the travel mug has opened

notebook cover splashed with coffee



Love enfolds us


city vista plain grey

down to the buttermilk channel

over the BQE

Gowanus reflecting graffitti



Subway Poem Four R Train

Subway Poem Four R Train
  1. trot down stairs. train standing still doors open


  1. doors close train rolls away

oh crap

  1. Loud speaker: “Brooklyn and Manhattan trains delayed because of an investigation at Court St. Brooklyn bound R trains are running to Dekalb Ave’
  2. Double crap
  3. stairs up into the spring evening

light on the buildings

no traffic crossing Flatbush Ave.

  1. Metro card says ‘go’. Skip down aluminum stairs. ‘B’ train in the station! All aboard.
  2. Doors close. A seat. loud Arabic music until a violin drowns it out

Hand in Hand Mural Project Phase Two

Hand in Hand Mural Project Phase Two

Kathy collage

Hand in Hand Mural Project


Design by Kathy Creutzburg

Your suggestions and feedback are welcomed and invited as we proceed with the mural project.

The Hand in Hand mural project will hold a meeting Weds July 6th at 6:00 PM in the sanctuary. PSUMC 6th Ave and 8th St., Brooklyn, NY 11215


We will be discussing the next phases of the project including developing and finalizing the design for the mural,  a timeline for installation and outreach to engage folks interested in drawing, painting and doing the hands-on work of the project over the summer.

What are your responses to the questions:

  1. What do you love about our church?
  2. What do you want to say to our friends and neighbors who are interested in our church?


Love, Sarah




Subway Three F train



A certain whiteness of summer in the florescent light

a silent buzzing in between the ears

A tall , dark gentlemen offers me a seat

silent praises, thanks


Time is tangible

brightness of 15 minutes early

sadness, fatigue behind heavy eyes


smells of morning showers, soapy product sprays

probing, surveying for insight

touching sadness in the sunlight

swampy, soggy


last night at the kitchen table

we spoke into each others eyes

the tides of our losses

pushing us together

dolphin pod

Subway two Q train


WIN_20140926_222827Cold legs   cold spring

This May begs a warm lilac scarf

a bowtie and suspenders


Sit! sit! no, you sit

friends in camel coats and false eyelashes

flashing golden light over my shoulder

Morning in Brooklyn, moving by

pretty legs, sleepy eyes phones

no newspapers


roller curls very much the girl

roll along the car shakes and shudders

rolling the town underground


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