PSUMC Mural Project: Hand in Hand

PSUMC Mural Project: Hand in Hand
coffee hour, sanctuary and small groups

coffee hour, sanctuary and small groups

In a time when racial justice seems so hard to find, our church is looking for a way to bring neighbors in among us and reach our mission of doing justice out into the community.

I was contemplating this need recently , as I walked along 8th Street side of the church and noticed again the damage on our mural. I was thinking: “We need a project we could invite the community to work on”. The two ideas intersected in my mind, and I decided to present the idea to our Social Action group and start fleshing out a plan to recreate our mural, interfacing with the community and supporting a message geared towards racial justice and spiritual community.WIN_20150125_131216 WIN_20150125_131157

Long before I became a member, I remember walking past our church and reading the creed; “Hand in hand, we the people of the Park Slope United Methodist Church,black ad white, straight and gay, old and young, rich and poor, unite as a loving community…..”  I remember thinking rather cynically, “How are they going to make that happen?”

When I came through the doors, I became part of a community of like-minded souls, an oasis of kindness, sharing and focus on goodness and justice. That was 1992. Through more than 20 years of Brooklyn life, including 9/11 and Hurricane Sandy, I have learned the benefits of belonging to this intentional community.

The mural tells some of our church stories.  As this blog continues, I will share the story of our new mural and its evolution. 

defaced image

The mural as it is now: a series of windows or medallions that depict different aspects of our ministry.

our children's ministry

our children’s ministry

reverence for the earth

reverence for the earth

WIN_20150125_100058 WIN_20150125_131157WIN_20150125_100222WIN_20150125_100217WIN_20150125_100206


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