Neuro Date 9.4.14


Insight into work life of a critical care nurse. Awesome.

RN Speaks

Day two, multiple Code Grays were called on the patient. The psychiatrist extended the 14-day hold. The patient became increasingly violent and was put in four point restraints. Additionally, the sitter was exchanged for a psychiatric tech whose profession it is to work with such patients, smart move.  I am so glad he is not mine. 

We are low on our census, and have only 13 patients. We do not have a monitor tech to watch the heart rhythms, so we will have to do double duty. My patient acuity is not as high as it normally is, so I help the other nurses with their patients.

It is noisy today. We have a screamer in room 2, a loud moaner who calls “why why why” in room 5, a VIP in room 6 whose family and friends come in abundance to pay homage, and a patient with poor impulse…

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