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New York: Government Corruption Fighter Endorses Teachout and Wu


I am ready. Let’s shake things up! Being out of the news loop this summer, I had no idea that Cuomo’s running mate Kathy Hochul is a right winger. Learn more about Zepuyr Teachout and vote for her Tuesday. We’ll send a message to Cuomo and to Albany to “Get off the fence!”

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Janos Martin, former counsel to the Moreland Commission, which was created by Governor Andrew Cuomo to investigate political corruption, then disbanded by Cuomo, has endorsed Zephyr Teachout and Tim Wu, who are challenging Cuomo in Tuesday’s Democratic primary.

In his statement, he recounted the travails of the Moreland Commission. And he said,

“When I joined the Commission to Investigate Public Corruption (“the Moreland Commission”) as special counsel during the summer of 2013, I knew Albany’s history of corruption, and relished the opportunity to investigate it and offer ideas for reform. Like many of those who participated in or followed our work, I found hotbeds of scandal, apathy and mediocrity beyond even my low expectations. The person who disappointed me most during my time on the Commission was Governor Andrew Cuomo.

“The opportunity that has been lost by the Commission’s neutering, then disbandment, is more significant than most people realize…

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Neuro Date 9.4.14


Insight into work life of a critical care nurse. Awesome.

RN Speaks

Day two, multiple Code Grays were called on the patient. The psychiatrist extended the 14-day hold. The patient became increasingly violent and was put in four point restraints. Additionally, the sitter was exchanged for a psychiatric tech whose profession it is to work with such patients, smart move.  I am so glad he is not mine. 

We are low on our census, and have only 13 patients. We do not have a monitor tech to watch the heart rhythms, so we will have to do double duty. My patient acuity is not as high as it normally is, so I help the other nurses with their patients.

It is noisy today. We have a screamer in room 2, a loud moaner who calls “why why why” in room 5, a VIP in room 6 whose family and friends come in abundance to pay homage, and a patient with poor impulse…

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