Homes are Containers for Love


Containers for love.


Homes are containers for love. They are where comforting, comfortable things, happen. They are the places of rest and refuge. And they are places you share with family.

Without love, they are empty places. Loneliness is being in one of these places.

Places, too, are containers for love and are never truly empty, for they are containers for God=love.

When a family moves to a new place, they move their love into the new home.

When you experience it, God’s love is present throughout the places in the world. The globe is a container for God’s love.

Your parent’s love for you, yours for your children, your beloved, are all expressions of God’s love. Without God’s love, none of these could exist. Is the act of expressing, bringing into being, not loving?

Giving, understanding, helping, are all loving.

Yet all places can also be empty, if love is not perceived there. Stay open to the presence of God.

Northern view homeWIN_20140707_224743 WIN_20140707_224623


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