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Musician’s Daughter


In Memory of Walt Germain, my Dad. 12/18/1919-12/5/2013
What is it like to be a musician’s daughter?
It is to daily listen to music practice while doing homework, or helping with dinner.
It is to dream about sharing the bandstand and the limelight with Dad.
It is missing him on holidays when he has a gig.
It is recording Xmas songs with him to give as gifts.
It is to discover him listening to Nat King Cole with tears standing in his eyes, when that great musician died.
It is to go on vacations driving through the desert in the car, packed in next to a guitar.
It is to hear the refrigerator open at 2:00 AM and think “Daddy’s home”.
It is to sit on a picnic table in a beautiful natural place singing songs with him playing guitar.
It is also to have a knack with music and instruments,
a gift for delivering a song-
a joy for sharing music with others.
I am thankful to be a musician’s daughter.