Monthly Archives: September 2013





I stood in the harbor that day, as I stand every day.

 I watched my beautiful city as I watch every day,

held up by the tender love and regard of it’s people, Held up by their love.


I watched as first one, and then another airplane

Ripped past me in the sky and ran so swiftly to the beautiful eleven of two towers on the skyline.


I saw them bleed fire, for I could not close my eyes,

I saw too, the first gush of souls soaring past me, met by angels-

I heard their singing harmonize with screams and pain of the frightened.

I felt the confusion of their transformation.

I poured out my love as a kite to lift them high into the heavens,

Til the numbers of souls rising as the buildings died and fell

Became an ocean wave, and wave after wave crashed into the heavenly shore and rested there.


I heard my city crying for its own lost, crying for itself, crying out for love.  I stood as I hope I will always stand, loving my city. 


For as my arms of bronze are washed away by rain, and as my crown melts away in the wind, the love, the vision and dream that created me grows larger than the tallest skyscraper, taller than our mountains, reaching even into the stars of the still black night and whispers:


Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Humankind.