Monthly Archives: August 2013

Eating as an Art Form


Out on “visiting aunt” duty, on my way to see Mark Kelly’s Bellingham Youth Jazz Band, I pass by a line of people on the sidewalk by a butcher’s meat case, filled with lamb, butcher(chef?) in attendance. I find the entrance to the Lightcatcher museum and realize I have to have coffee from the small adjoining café.
As I wait for my freshly made, delicious smelling brew, an attractive blond hairy man picks up an empty stool and balances it on his chin. Applause! Soon, I’m listening to the Jazz and conversing with the lovely owner of this establishment, Arlena Mantha. We chat about the juggler, performance artist Strangely, and I ask her about the meat line outside. Yes, those customers are selecting their cut of meat, to be prepared especially for them on this lovely Northwest evening. What a concept! And so fitting for an art museum setting!
Excellent coffee, good music from the capable young musicians and their director. And the pleasure of talking with this gifted restaurateur! Go Arlena!