Against Gun Violence


]What the hell?  Four people dead in Santa Monica?  Nine shot?   Here we go again.  And again and again and again while we make weapons, assault rifles and high capacity bullet magazines available to essentially anybody who has the money to buy them, or the ability to steal or borrow them from the owners.

All these mass murders, every year since the assault weapons ban expired, and not once have I heard of a citizen hero who saved lives by standing up  and shooting down a raging group of mass murderers, homicidal maniacs, totalitarian government militias  or home-grown or otherwise terrorists.

It’s taken professional heroes called in after the fact to take down these individuals, whom we have made so deadly.

The victims are innocent people. Why does this continue while 90% of Americans favor background checks, and a majority support closing stupid loopholes like gun shows and internet sales.

I am thankful to Governor Cuomo and Mayor Bloomberg for their responsible actions as guardians of the public trust.  Our federal legislators have failed us so far.


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