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Right to life


Dear Friend;

I saw your post the other day about the right to life, and I couldn’t help but think of my own experience. I knew a nineteen year old girl, who had fallen on some hard times. She had nearly flunked out of her college program. She had found a job, and was living on her own. She drank too much, and she slept with a man she didn’t love. She got pregnant. That girl was me.
When I went to the Dr. the first time, the test came back negative. Still with out my period, I returned to the Dr. My worst fear confirmed. By then, I wasn’t seeing him anymore. I had an abortion. My sister helped me with the cost. I don’t know how my life would have been different if I kept that child. I have never seen him again, and neither of us seems to be any the worse for it.

Many years later, I was dating Scott. We were in a serious, loving relationship. We were engaged. I found myself pregnant, again.
This time, it was easy to see that Scott and I should marry, soon, and that we should have Tanzen. Our second daughter, Rosie, was also unplanned, but not prevented.

My friend, I do not feel guilty about my abortion. I saved a life. My own.

I know you feel differently about abortion than I do. I understand your point of view. For you. it wouldn’t be the right choice.
But any young women or girl who wants to take her life in her hands and make it her own, she should have a choice.
Miz Sally