Rebirthday Gift List


Rebirthday Gift List

For my rebirthday:

I give my self

A giant slice of life chocolate cake with chocolate mousse frosting

For my rebirthday

A healing bed for surviving the slaughter

for knowing survival

For my rebirthday

A deeds camera that records every time I give something to life

And forgives me every time I realize I’ve made a mistake.

For my rebrthday:

An “Alabama Slamma” please I intend to drift downstream beneath the towering flower trees.

For my rebirthday;

Let my song be 40,000 Norwegians singing “My Rainbow Race”.

For my rebirthday:

An eternity clock that starts and ends with “now”.

For my rebirthday:

I  give my self

The willingness to do whatever it takes to move the world closer to love.

For my rebirthday:

I give my self

the creation of more harmony and healing  and fulfillment and wholeness

And forgiveness and righteousness and togetherness and beauty and rebirth and rest.

Blow out the candle!

Now,  Make a wish!



From my rebirthday party, the Park Slope United Methodist Church’s Garden Arts Cafe


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