Stage Fright


Oh my goodness.  Miz Sally is suddenly tounge-tied. So much to say to you world, but now scared to say it.

I remember a ballet performance, I was about ten, I guess, performing in a big auditorium in Southern California.  It must have been about 1965 in Costa Mesa, or another town like it.

I was performing to Chopin variations in a lovely raspberry pink chiffon ballet costume , pointe shoes and all.

And my heart was beating like a captured bird.  Knees shaking like an old man with Parkinson’s.

Well, Miz Sally has a dancer’s soul and a feminist’s mind.

So, little birds and palsied old men, begone!

Make way for the sorceress!


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  1. I applaud your beginning and I applaud you, in advance, for continuing, Miz Sally, you dancin’, wing-flappin’ sorceress, you! Welcome to the blogosphere!


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