Monthly Archives: April 2012

Stage Fright


Oh my goodness.  Miz Sally is suddenly tounge-tied. So much to say to you world, but now scared to say it.

I remember a ballet performance, I was about ten, I guess, performing in a big auditorium in Southern California.  It must have been about 1965 in Costa Mesa, or another town like it.

I was performing to Chopin variations in a lovely raspberry pink chiffon ballet costume , pointe shoes and all.

And my heart was beating like a captured bird.  Knees shaking like an old man with Parkinson’s.

Well, Miz Sally has a dancer’s soul and a feminist’s mind.

So, little birds and palsied old men, begone!

Make way for the sorceress!


Why blog?


Self-expression is life.  Writing is self-expression.  So- writing=life?  I am looking for a way to express ideas that are uniquely mine.  At the same time, I am hyper aware of the value of my privacy and individuality.  I am sobered by the amount of private information that is constantly being circulated on the internet about me and my community.

Yet I often feel the need for a forum to express my opinions and my experiences to others who might share them or find them curious or enlightening.  And this blog won’t be the first time I’ve expressed a contraversial opinion in the hope that someone else might develop a new understanding or tolerance for others.

I’m of the opinion that our culture has drifted far to the right of the norms I grew up with in the 1970’s. At the same time, my mind has been opened through exposure to new cultures and the introduction of new ideas.

So my blog, begun on a day when I’ve decided that life’s ultimate purpose must include laughter and love.